Jun Zhang



Saline Genesis

The 'Salt Genesis' explores the intertwined aspects of salt heritage, magical medicinal practices and local beliefs. It seeks to address the pressing issue of Asia's population crisis from a feminist and post-human perspective. The project explores the significant role of salt taxes in the economy, as well as the magical properties attributed to salt in traditional medical knowledge.
It examines the combination of belief in salt gods, the use of salt in fertility-related magical medicine, and the act of seeking divine help for fertility. Gods for fertility. Ultimately, the project speculates on a future fertility scenario within the framework of de-anthropocentrism and decolonisation of the body.

Jun is a multidisciplinary visual artist whose work spans site-specific installation, sculpture, fiction and film. With a deep fascination for uncanny landscapes and spaces, Jun explores forgotten geological heritage and cultural relics, delving into folklore legends, local beliefs and magical medicine knowledge to uncover the mysterious, ineffable energy that resides within these sites. With a passion for ecology and occult science, Jun seeks to explore the intertwined relationship between humans, cultural heritage and our planet to construct an alternative reality from a de-centred, non-human perspective.