The NON NATIVE NATIVE FAIR is an experimental hybrid event that brings together Asian creative cultural practitioners from various backgrounds and disciplines to present their work and products in an online trade fair environment. By repurposing the concept of an “Asian cultural fair” — a collage of elements which represent Asian culture — the NNN Fair examines the positions and relationships of Aliens within the Dutch cultural landscape by blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction, appreciation and appropriation, labour and play. The fair is organised by Non Native Native in collaboration with Berlin-based collectives sōydivision and un.thai.tled.

SEE YOU 26 JUNE – 2 JULY 2021!

The NNN FAIR online platform acts as a virtual fairground, where 46 participants will be performing an online presentation session, with interactive 'live' components inspired by teleshopping channels, including on-the-spot offer codes and live chats. All sessions are an in-depth presentation of the stories behind the products and services offered.

The onset of the new decade has been met with several unprecedented events and challenges across the globe, but most notably, all has been interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, an event which highlighted the positions of the Asian communities in the West as well as globally, illustrating the many contradictions of the contemporary Asian experiences, ranging from being the champions of the economical development to the politically unstable, from the food obsessed to the creators of contagious diseases, from the creators of K-Pop to the hub of sex tourism. Being Asian has never really been publicly interrogated until recently, thanks to the growing presence of Asian voices in Western popular culture.

This edition of the NON NATIVE NATIVE FAIR was conceived as an open invitation to contemplate on what it means to be Asian in the current world, or in our case, Europe. The Fair is intended as a platform for observations and expressions of alternative and underrepresented perspectives, especially within the creative industry, where new disciplines and definitions have recently emerged. With this in mind, we would like to create a space for presentation beyond the walls of the galleries by bringing the show into an experimental trade fair, where the walls between the creators and audiences are dissolved, where concepts and ideas are made tangible and commodified to reach the unexpected.


Creative professionals, visual artists, designers, filmmakers, performers, makers, academics, students, independent platforms, collectives based in The Netherlands, Germany, and other European Countries with interests in Asia and Asian narratives.


Products and services that embed contemporary narratives of Asia or Asian diasporas and introduce Non-Western perspectives and subjects. They aim to spark urgent conversations the makers might find missing in the Dutch (European) creative landscape.

  • Something personal, something local, something global
  • Something urgent, something provocative, something funny
  • Creatively made, heavily researched, conceptual, functioning
  • Imaginary, symbolic action, speculative, not functioning
  • Limited edition products, gastronomic experiences, publications, performance, services, tickets, etc.
  • Mass edition production initiated by the maker themselves or is conceptually altered by the maker.
  • Products and services valued from €1 – €1,000
amsterdams fonds voor de kunst. creative industries fund NL WORM Rotterdam