Yin Yin Wong



In Search of a Better Life

The koi, commonly seen in Chinese restaurants, are a symbol of prosperity. Crafted entirely from agar agar and gelatin, some cut into partitions, the jellies invite childlike wonder and awe while they probe dominant imaginaries of a diasporic culture that manifests through its function to serve and to be consumed.

Yin Yin Wong is a multidisciplinary artist working across a range of media including film, sculpture, drawing and site specific installation.

In their practice they research possible bridges and juxtapositions between their modernist graphic design education and their Chinese-Malaysian diasporic upbringing. By focussing on themself as a site where different legacies and languages converge and complicate eachother, Wong looks for overlaps that speak cross-culturally. Through an auto-etnographic lens they question the dominant frameworks that permeate almost every aspect of their life.