Juhee Han


Tranquil Mandala

Dangerous fishing hooks form a serene fractal mandala. Carl Jung studied and developed the mandala as a tool for psychoanalysis and stability. He said, "Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens". It is an attempt to look within with contradictory, aggressive objects. The circle in geometry is the psychological vigilance of people who want to protect their inner world. On the contrary, the subject is beautifully depicted, creating an ironic sense and order. It is designed so that the spectator can see their face through the tiny central hole. What is hidden between the extreme ironic features? For the artist, making and experiencing art has an effect similar to that of psychedelics: both are capable of liberating the subconscious and offering alternative views of the world. artwork can be the spiritual gateway mandala between the material and immaterial worlds.

Juhee Han is a contemporary artist based in Amsterdam. She creates links between video and sculpture, physicality and digital, exploring a spiritual element, confronting questions of non-existence from an evolutionary point of view, bringing into focus issues of cognitive psychology, especially female subjectivity.