Lee Teng Poh




For this year’s NNNFAIR, illustrator Lee Teng Poh zooms in on the ritual of burning Joss Paper / Hell Money*. What does this practice say about the materialistic expectations of predecessors and the definition of success and happiness, and why would these notions need to be expanded beyond life? For the fair, Lee has imagined the afterlife with the material focus of the living. Lee has created a limited series of prints on A3, depicting imaginary deities with an insatiable appetite for money and things. Lee has also illustrated an Afterlife Coupon Burn Pack (Zine). This zine includes his take on Hell Money and cut-out-coupons for discounts in the after life. This way you yourself can please your ancestors by lighting the zine on fire and making their lives after death just a little bit more enjoyable. Yes, you are supposed to burn it to activate it! You can also pick up some Hell Money at Lee’s stand, as well as some of his other prints and creations.

Items for sale:
- Limited edition NNNFAIR A3 prints: €25,-/ print
- A4 prints: €15,-
- A5 prints: €10,-
- A5 zines: one for €4,- two for €6,-
- Hell money created by Lee: free (limited stock)

*Joss Paper / Hell Money: In many East Asian cultures, it is common practice to burn Joss Paper or Hell Money. By burning this paper, ancestors and deities are worshiped and money can be transferred to the dead. Every year, millions are spent on this spiritual currency. The paper is often made to look like actual money, but modern worshiping rituals have even evolved to burning paper versions of contemporary luxury goods, such as paper cars, computers, phones and mansions.

Lee Teng Poh works as an illustrator and Queer-friendly barber in Utrecht, NL. Growing up as a queer person of color with a Chinese-Malay background, art and creativity has always been his escape and focus. Lee applies humor and irony to challenge his surroundings. You can follow Lee’s creations on Instagram (@Krokantman).