Yu-Tzu Huang



Paper Money

Paper Lotus and Gold Yuan Bao are some of the paper money used in Taiwan. The original intention of folding Paper Lotus and Gold Yuan Bao is to hope that the ancestors can buy luxuries in the afterlife and to make life easier for the deceased. It symbolises the strength and contribution (how much paper money you offered) of a family at the funeral. The value of paper money is not limited to the "present world”, as you need to use real money to buy "paper money”. Further, you need to "burn" the paper money during the funeral to increase its value.

In this project, Yu-Tzu Huang aims to embody the practice between money and the spiritual world by the act of folding paper money as a form of continuous manual labour to honour the memory of her grandfather while also attempting to present an unusual gesture of purchasing the money.

Yu-Tzu Huang is a graphic designer, researcher, and calligrapher from Taiwan who combines visual and academic research to explore symbolic images and the border between images and social memory. Her work focuses on cultural identity, language, modern mythologies, political issues, and symbolism.