SOUPSPOON Collective




Contextualizing “magic and monetary value,” we are particularly interested in exploring the proximity of spirituality and the living body’s consumption of it, which nevertheless nurtures a reciprocal relationship between the mortal and the celestial or chthonic agents. In the form of a “multi-functional convenience store,” we will present a “service combo pack” that generates a cycle of (im)mortal narrative that visitors can experience, alongside its merchandise.

SOUPSPOON Collective was formed in Rotterdam, summer 2022 by Pitchaya Ngamcharoen (TH), Raffia Li (CN), Maoyi Qiu(CN), Miyoung Chang (KR) and Dakota Guo (CN). Attempting to cultivate a common, Asian contextualized space for the particularities that elude translation, it aims to convene a generative forum of “minor gestures” and “micro politics.”

Pitchaya Ngamcharoen: pitchaya-ng.com
Raffia Li: rrrrraffiali.com
Maoyi Qiu: mmaoyi.com
Dakota Guo: dakotaguo.com
Miyoung Chang: comeandgetme.cargo.site