Another Souvenir Shop

Amsterdam / Eindhoven


another flower shop


another souvenir shop is a place for everybody who is being an outsider and an insider simultaneously in a foreign land, the Netherlands. Project another souvenir shop is to communicate the impossibilities of having mundaneness in our life— meaning there is always something to celebrate or complain about—in need of souvenirs as a memory carrier. This summer, we want to invite you all to our launch of the new collection of souvenirs inspired by shamanism and mythologies from Jeju island in Korea. Jeju Island is a South Korean region with the richest volume of myths transmitted to date, including approximately 18.000 myths and legends. Traditionally passed down orally among shamans, the Jeju mythologies are collected and translated into the modern Korean language by ethnographic researchers in folklore studies. In the universe of Jeju mythology, there is a spiritual garden where you can find magical flowers with magical powers. We imagined, What kind of magic flowers that we need in our daily life? What kind of wishes and hope do we dream of every day? Here, We introduce some of the flowers we collected from the magical garden.

Daeun Lim is an interdisciplinary artist currently studying at the Sandberg Institut, researching mythological storytelling methodology. Seok Park is a researcher, and product/fashion designer based in Eindhoven, translating cultural heritage into different objects and installations.