Tianyi Zheng



Where Comes Mulan

As an artist who explores the intersections of culture, identity, and mythology, I am excited to start my new project which centres around the connection between the fictional character Mulan and my hometown of Mulan town, Huangpi, and explores the intricate relationship between the tourism industry, mythology, and ideology.

Through a series of interviews with villagers and my own family, I aim to explore the history and authenticity of Mulan as both a person and a symbol. I want to investigate how the economic forces of the tourism industry have influenced the way in which Mulan is perceived and represented in my hometown, and how this, in turn, shapes the mythology and ideology surrounding the story itself.

Tianyi Zheng is an interdisciplinary artist based in Hong Kong and the Netherlands. Her work often seeks to translate memory, history, and identity into a speculative aesthetic that conveys people’s stories through mixed media, installation, sound, video, and performance. Zheng holds an MFA in MADTech from the Frank Mohr Institute and a BA in Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.