Te Petchara



Buy This And Get Rich Tomorrow

"Buy This And Get Rich Tomorrow" (“พรุ่งนี้รวย”) inspired by a common saying in Thailand, where people are encouraged to purchase lottery tickets with the hope of winning.
This project offers a unique chance to delve into Thailand's abundant superstitious beliefs and embrace them to accumulate wealth.

People in Thailand believe spirits reside in old, majestic trees with distinctive shapes. They decorate these trees with colorful meshes and rub their bark, seeking lucky lottery numbers. Decoding the visual representation of these numbers on the bark requires a certain degree of imagination. It is not uncommon for people to dream of these numbers after participating in this ritualistic worship act. However, for those outside Thailand, finding such revered trees nearby can be challenging. To address this, I've created printed materials like portable flipbooks that showcase the symbolic gestures of adorning the tree and rubbing its bark. These items provide a sense of fortune and inspire hope as the amulets for individuals who follow these customs, aspiring to achieve wealth. I aim to explore the interplay between Thai superstitious beliefs, capitalism, and printing technology, bridging the gap while inspiring curiosity and wealth.

As a visual artist, I specialize in crafting both still and moving images. My artistic practice revolves around pushing the boundaries of traditional image-making methods, aiming to ignite curiosity and provoke new ways of seeing.

One of my core interests lies in objects and their potential for reinterpretation through alternative perspectives. Through my artistic endeavors, I delve into the realms of personal and collective memory, deconstructing established structures, and exploring the realm of superstitious beliefs. A significant focus of my artistic exploration revolves around socio-political subjects. I approach these topics with a satirical tone and infuse them with humor, providing a thought-provoking commentary on society and its complexities. This approach allows me to engage viewers on multiple levels, inviting them to consider the underlying dynamics of our world.