Silang Mera, Dagat Mera, Liza Goodstein

Hamburg / Groningen


Transcribing Bliss

Gentlemen of the academy šŸŽ“,
Iā€™m pleased to report our latest research endeavors on a specific type of singing šŸŽ¤ that is said to contain spiritual qualities āœØ. A simple mantra sung in seemingly infinite melodic arrangements. A comprehensive analysis turned out to be challenging due to its fluid šŸ’¦ and ephemeral šŸ„€ nature. However, we found three volunteers šŸ’… who kindly captured a curated selection in Western standard music writing šŸ‘šŸ»āœ… šŸŽ¼, which helps for a more rational šŸ”¬šŸ§®šŸ“ evaluation. (sheet music and demos available for purchase šŸ™ˆ)

All three of us share either being born into or having family members involved in the same 'New Spiritual Movement' that was founded in India during the 50s. We are trying to figure out what that means for us.