Sojung Lee



Gasin love your amulet

Is your home… doing well? Do you feel very comfortable at your home? If not, maybe you should pray to Gasin (가신, 家神), the gods/ghosts who look after your home and your residential life.

This project is inspired by many issues happening in our homes. For example, difficulty in digestion, dissension among roommates, or impudent mice could be the reasons that threaten peace in residential lives. I explored what we expect from our homes to be safe and happy based on Gasinsin-ang (가신신앙, 家神信仰), a traditional belief in the gods of a house that is descended from ancient Korea. A desire to remove uncomfortable and unwanted elements in your house is reflected on the amulets I made. As each Gasin is responsible for different parts of the house, there would be different amulets for each space. Embodied objects (emblems) of Gasin would be in separate pieces that you could mix and match.

Sojung Lee (KR) is a multi-disciplined artist who works and lives in Amsterdam. She holds BFA in Oriental Painting (Seoul, KR) and MFA in Media, Art, Design, and Technology (Groningen, NL). She is a creative thinker/maker who connects past and present, here and there, others and herself. (https://lysojung.com/)