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Asian Enough


This series of illustrative works each represents a personal moment, snapshot, or memory of mine where the interactions that I had made me question if I was Asian Enough despite not ever celebrating Chinese New Year, not living in the jungles, and walking water buffalo to go to school like my mother. Each Illustration will be accompanied by an artifact, a physical talisman to personify the themes and intention of the pieces.

I hope that you visit my stall and have a look at my illustrated goods and enjoy the fair!

Hiya! I’m Jazzi, the bumble bee behind Bumblefly Studios. I’m currently a third-year student at Willem De Kooning Academie in Rotterdam and study illustration. I am currently trying to discover what I want my art practice to evolve into by experimenting with different creative avenues to pursue and trying to explore more topics and projects which speak about contemporary issues and are socially driven. I am motivated by my love for food, traveling, and creating products that hold functional value both physically and/aesthetically. It's a big world outside my hive and I'm excited to see how far my art will fly.

the inspiration behind the project 'asian enough'