Dugae Kongkang



Perfect Nose

"Perfect Nose" is an experimental album that challenges the traditional perception of music. With three songs, the album takes inspiration from the concept of subliminal music, using audio affirmations on a specific frequency to affect the listener's mind. The music is designed to influence the listener's subconscious mind and change their perception of themselves, specifically their nose shape.

The theme of the album explores the absurdity of fixed beauty standards and criteria, particularly as they relate to female appearance anxiety. Through hypnotic melodies and audio affirmations, the music invites the listener to challenge their perception of themselves and the ideals imposed upon them. "Perfect Nose" is a unique and thought-provoking exploration of the impact of cultural beauty standards on personal identity.

Dugae Kongkang is a Chinese artist duo comprised of Jingjing Wang (audio-visual creator) and Yujia Lin (graphic designer). As avid explorers of internet subculture, our artistic practice often incorporates surrealistic videos that explore how technology and media shape and transform the human psyche and thought processes.

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