Mmm... Money Pie



Mmm… Money Pie & mijiatv

This edition of Mmm… Money Pie’s serving builds on the idea of varying adaptations of “Stone Soup”, a folk tale recounting travelers entering a nonchalant situation, creating an instance of delightful togetherness by convincing people to contribute their surplus, the so-called “garnish”, to a shared meal.

Participants of the fair are invited, via the purchase of one drink, to embody one garnish of their choice, and through various audio and textual guides, given based on their choosing, simultaneously take part in the collective stone soup we would be simmering on location. The drink we will be serving would form the base of the stone soup, and contributions in form of borrowed attention and interpretation would complete it.

This event looks at the format of a fair as a place of communion, and the presence and circulation of human bodies as forms of currency in itself. It invites us to rethink the oscillating utility of a prop, in this case, the neutral taste of a stone, and how language functions as catalysis in exchanges that appear as magic. Reflecting on collective living in times of instability and hesitation, this project wishes to offer a blink of buoyant elation, and to instigate a temporal suspension of disbelief on various planes, not overlooking the value generated by delusional thinking.

Mmm… Money Pie is a bartending service initiated and currently based in the garage of Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem. The bar is occasionally opened in the evenings, hosting small groups of people, and creating one specific spirituous experience for a night. Within the comfort of the humble room, small talks and intimate correlations take place between the guests and bar runners. The ceremony of drinking cocktails and exchanging transforms the space into a magical place.

Our co-host mijiatv is practicing dialogues and attention.