Sol Enae Lee & M.C. Julie Yu

Rotterdam / Amsterdam / Seoul


SoJu Spell Lounge

SoJu Spell Lounge aims to practice magic for the commonality of the current context. We believe magic is in the common action of being nice to yourself and letting others be nice to you. By reclaiming the magic practice with social awareness, we empower ourselves via small actions of ritual. Our magic is designed for people who have zero experience with magic but would like to try this method as some additional help for their struggles.

Our Lounge supports unframing the magic of spells from the traditional conservative structure. For example, our health magic supports not just physical conditions, but also mental illness, and burn-out situations. SoJu’s Love spell is not only for monogamous hetero-relationships, but also for queers, polys, and of course solo people. We encourage spell users to join the restructuring process- share feedback and developed new magic- so to help create a better and safer magic industry with us.

Sol Enae Lee and M.C. Julie Yu both studied with HKU MA Fine Art in 2020. After graduation, Sol has worked across the Netherlands and Korea, as an interdisciplinary artist of visual arts, sound, and performance. Julie, now currently based in Rotterdam, is a freelance masseur, a social-engaged art worker, and a novice activist.

We are close friends, bonding through the temporality of being migrant artists in Europe. Our collaborative work tends to explore the poetic nuances and humorous twisted stories in our splitting reality between the contexts of cultures, disciplines, and life roles in different relationships.