the Waew Food Programme



Fortune Food Wheel

In Thai culture spirituality and superstition are an important part of daily life, as is challenging your luck. My fortune app tells me every day what colors I should wear to be lucky and what colors I’d better avoid. Also, the lottery twice per month is an important event. This game of luck is played by almost everyone and the search to predict the winning numbers is an activity taken very seriously. Every dream, news event, or even license plate could possibly hint the next winning number, and generate a large sum of money.

I believe that luck is something that is out of our control, so it is impossible to know if today is our lucky day or not. However, it is possible to seize our luck by trying new things and taking advantage of opportunities that arise.

For the Non Native Native Fair, I have made The Fortune Food Wheel. This is a game where you can win different Thai dishes by spinning the wheel. From the spicy curries to the sweet, salty, and sour dishes, there is something for everyone.

My name is Waew (1985) and I'm a Thai artist based in Eindhoven and Bangkok. In 2017 I founded “the Waew Food Programme”, together with Lucas Maassen. As an artist I explore a way to combine food and art. I love to work with the cultural differences which I use in my recipes and ingredients to fit my multicultural family.