Jing He & Echo Wang

Rotterdam / Amsterdam


Princess of Eight Treasures

Our aim for this event is to associate purchasing with a ceremonial act. Money serves not only to connect buyers with physical goods and NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), but also to link the ghost of the "Princess of Eight Treasures“, a Taiwanese folklore figure, with contemporary society. This Dutch princess came to Kenting, Taiwan in the 17th century to find her lover, but unfortunately, she passed away. Later, she became a local deity. We aim to raise funds for her spirit to acquire a passport and visa to return to Holland.

We view money and goods as a medium, a type of magic that helps individuals connect two intangible worlds: the current era of cryptocurrency and ghosts from different time periods. Customers who purchase the "Princess of Eight Treasures“ statue have the option to burn it in a ritual outside the exhibition hall, where we will provide a brazier and a ceremony. Upon burning, they will receive a code to redeem an NFT inside the statue. The ceremony's objective is twofold: to help Princess acquire a passport and visa to return to Holland and to wish the buyer good fortune in their travels or immigration while avoiding any unforeseen disasters.

Jing He is an artist who creates imaginative visual representations using various materials and mediums. Her works are rich in daily life details and demonstrate her compassion for social phenomena. Self-described as a cultural hybrid, Jing He’s works are hybrids between different creative disciplines, cultures, and co-creators.

Echo Wang is a multidisciplinary designer and drag performer, fusing Eastern Asian elements with Amsterdam club kid culture in their drag persona, Naza Løtus. They love to push the boundaries of drag performance, often incorporating unique elements such as rituals or unexpected objects.