Simo Tse




‘Manifest’ is an ongoing research project took off from a travel agency in which both the agents and their clientele are of (im)migrant backgrounds. The doubleness of their identities are mirrored through the transmission and transaction of travel arrangement, a ‘homeward’ journey perhaps, but not necessary a return. The project has lead me to read through a selection of text concerning the shifting ideas of diaspora, homeland, displacement, root and cultural identity. For the occasion of the NNN fair, I have created an ‘artwork’ that you could walk, dance and travel with, gesturing towards the quest to define one’s own identities.

Simo Tse (b.1984 Australia) is an artist and a graphic designer. His practice and research anchor upon the notions of time, care and intimacy. Through accumulating anecdotal and biographical fragments into constellations of coincidence, glitches and plot twists, his work resulted in the forms of printed matter, moving images, installation and participatory art. He is currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.