Ananya Panda



The Summit of Success (S.O.S.)

Designers are the over-stimulated, under-compensated purveyors of media magic making good on grandiose promises to consumers and shareholders. In the sleep-deprived, caffeine-intoxicated haze of the sprint towards the deadline, occupational hazards become glorified as a badge of honour; a justified price for the privilege of practicing one's passion. The S.O.S. (Summit of success) is a modern ritual for prosperity adapted from the Odia naval tradition of Boita Bandani, a protective prayer for the good fortune of tradesmen leaving the eastern shores of India for the lands of Bali, Sumatra, Java and beyond; For the beginning/mid/later career designer experiencing the symptoms of knowledge working in the late stage capitalist information economy, such as ✨ a sense of self inseparable from one's creative output ✨ Come as you are and partake in a moment to collectively invoke, emote and exalt the tears and tribulations of a creative career. During the S.O.S, we will address fears and celebrate silver linings in a playful manner, incorporating symbolism across Asian cultures imbued with powers of protection and resilience, mediated by physically and digitally foraged glass, wood and metal strung together in forms emblematic of the creative journey. The protective amulets will also be available to purchase at the marketplace, for the on-the-go professional.

Ananya Panda is a research-led media artist working at the intersection of tradition and technology, exploring their role in craft/design process. Her work operates in the realm of connotation, harnessing the medium of the symbolic to distill values into visuals in the form of digital graphic experiences. She seeks to illuminate connections and relationships across cultures and communities to highlight perspectives marginalized in and by design.