Anas Chao



Anas Chao and his Steaming Hot Steamer

Anas Chao will make, sell and exchange dumplings. The menu consists of steamed beef and tofu dumplings. Beef dumpling is what Anas finds comfort and belonging in, as it was an indication of his mom’s presence until he moved to the Netherlands. He started his attempt to copy his mom’s beef dumplings, as he realised it may be the only way to keep traces of his familial home while being away. It was also in the Netherlands that he began cooking more vegetarian dishes for friends, and hence the birth of the tofu dumpling. Each dumpling carries a unique meaning that reflects the conditions of its existence, much like how the person making dumplings finds their belonging.

Anas Chao has just graduated from the Design Academy. He now has a master’s degree, a steamer set, a vague idea of search year visa and KVK, and a void that awaits to devour him right after Design Week. To keep himself devoted to his own graduation project (titled Ministry of Dumpling Affairs), he has planned to make and sell dumplings at the NNNFAIR. Not only this will provide him with some funds to help his Ministry stay afloat till Design Week, but more importantly, this gives him a chance to interact with the visitors and collect some information that would help facilitate the Ministry’s ongoing operations.