Bin Koh




Tome—meaning a large book—is a platform that gathers and challenges artists from different backgrounds to explore coffee-table book as a sculptural, experimental, materialistic and political object. In presenting these objects of pure form (books without words, films without plot, events that never happened; empty bodies; forms bereft of content) that are reproduced en masse by an endless search for profit. In doing so, Tome situates us in a society of the spectacle in which the prominence of the spectacle correlates with the deterioration of society, wherein images no longer stitch social bonds together but rather alleviate the pain of their corrosion. 

Tome is running by visual artist Bin Koh(KR, She/Her) who's practice is exploring body, voice, image and form from peripheral views in the age of digital, machine learning and beyond. She is based in Amsterdam, finished studied at Sandberg Instituut in 2018.