• NNN FAIR Weekend: 26–27 June 2021
  • Online Fair:
  • Live Studio: WORM Rotterdam

The programme sessions during the 2-day period will consist of a series of 15-minute presentations by all exhibiting booths, guest performances, discussions, as well as advertorial segments by the Fair sponsors.


All activities will be broadcasted on the online platform, along with additional information about the programme, participants, and webshop. The online platform is intended to act as a virtual fairground, where audiences and participants are encouraged to interact with each other.

As part of the sales activities encouraged within the fair, all participating exhibitors will be able to list up to 3 products in their online booths. While visiting each booth, the public audience can purchase the exhibitors’ products on the site as well as submit the orders and delivery details to the exhibitors. The calculated amount will be made available for the audience to directly transfer to the exhibitor's account. Options may include Tikkie, Paypal, or iDeal and will be confirmed during the platform development stage. Once the purchase is made, each exhibitor processes and fulfills shipping individually. The sales portal will be activated for five days after the fair ends (26 June–2July).


All participants will be at the Live Studio to conduct a 15-minute presentation session, with interactive 'live' components inspired by teleshopping channels such as on-the-spot discount codes, phone-in sessions, live chats. All sessions are expected to be an in-depth presentation of stories behind the product & service being offered, while still light hearted and humorous at times. Participants from outside NL will present live from their own location.

The live studio may include physical audience* to enhance the interactions between the participants and the public and encourage more activities. The studio also acts as a pick-up point for products on sale.

*The inclusion of live audience depends on the development of the COVID-19 pandemic and the RIVM advice.



  • Participation fee: € 15
  • Participants provide the sales material for the Fair before 1 June 2021
  • Participants deliver a live presentation on the scheduled time slot assigned by NNN.
  • All sales and exchange made during the Fair must be delivered by the participants to the audience as agreed in a timely manner.
  • The number of sales taking place during the Fair must be disclosed to NNN. The information will be confidential and will only be used for NNN documentation purposes.


  • NNN FAIR gift card: € 15
  • An online exhibiting booth to showcase and sell up to 3 products
  • A space and technical implementation to broadcast your 15-minute presentation on your artistic productions in
  • Rotterdam
  • General support and guidance by NNN FAIR team in the conceptualisation, production, and presentation of the
  • project
  • NNN Embassy membership (This is reserved for the participants of the first edition of the NNN FAIR.) Members are
  • given priority to hear about and participate in future NNN activities and events.